Canon IJ Installation Process


Before knowing about the process to connect the printer to the computer or other devices, we can see about the canon ij setup. The ij.start.canon is the procedure to connect your printer to the other devices using a wireless connection. When the network connection is made with the canon printer then you can take print from your devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops or other devices without using the USB cable.

What Are The Requirements For Connecting The Canon IJ Printer To Wireless Network?

1. You must have an access point such as a modem, router or a Wi-Fi modem.
2. And also you must make sure the connection provided in these access points are functioning properly.
3. Then you must at least have a smart device or computer which has an internet connection, to make the ij.start.canon .
4. To ensure that your device is connected to the internet, open the browser and type the extension ij.start.canon which opens all the details regarding the canon com ij setup.
5. These are two important factors you should consider before the canon/ij setup. After checking these things you can easily connect the canon printer to your smart devices.

Steps Involved For Connecting The Canon IJ Printer To Wireless Network?
The various steps involved in connecting the printer to the wireless network using the “ij.start.canon” are as follows:
1. The windows users have to put the CD that has been provided with the printer set for initiating with the Canon wireless printer setup.
2. If you’re not having the CD or if you are a MAC user then you have to direct towards downloading the software manual and follow the printer which you are availing.
3. Then you will find a screen appearing and on that you’ve to click on NEXT.
4. If you are a MAC user then you have to type the password so that the helper tool can be installed. Then again you have to click on NEXT to ensure a smooth functioning.
5. IMPORTANT STEP: here you will find a screen appearing which will feature whether you will want to pursue with USB or wireless connection.
6. Go for the wireless connection obviously.
7. Then, you have to keep in mind that the printer must be switched on and also the power lamp is on and then jump to NEXT.
8. Next, you have to associate with the network by connecting.
9. A screen will appear from where you have to select ‘cableless setup’.
10. If you are a pursuer of Windows XP then you won’t be able to see the ‘cableless setup’ option but you will have to select ‘other setup’ option.
11. Then the Windows XP people have to direct towards selecting the ‘wireless setup using the USB cable’ for the Canon wireless printer setup option.

How do I install a printer canon?

1. If your computer has not the CD-ROM, then get the setup online.
2. Open your browser and visit the ij.start.canon webpage.
3. Here, click on SET UP.
4. Then, submit the name of the printer model.
5. Otherwise, click on the FIRST LETTERS,
6. then enter the first two letters.
7. Now, scroll down the screen, then choose your printer model and click on its model name.
8. Then hit on the SETTING UP XXXX tab,
9. here the XXXX is indicated as your printer model.
10. Choose the location or region of the purchased printer at ij.start.canon setup .
11. Check whether the operating system is selected on the SELECT DEVICE page or not.
12. In case if the operating system like windows is not selected, select from the given list.
13. Hit the SETUP button, and it will redirect you to the download page.
14. Click DOWNLOAD and start the ij.start.canon downloading.
15. On the completion, double-tap on the downloaded file and start installation.